Astarter, what do we know so far?


First off I want to be clear that you know I’m a member of the Astarter ambassador program so you can take into account any potential bias I might have. I’m not being paid to write this but I do want more people to be aware of it.


I first learned about the project through an announcement on the EMURGO Telegram announcement group. EMURGO are one of the founding entities for Cardano (alongside IOHK and Cardano foundation).

The EMURGO announcement on 16th Sept. 2021

Token Sale

The Telegram group has grown over the months and theres quite a bit of activity but anyone who is in the 2721 strong group will by now be very familiar with

Miaya_K (Telegram group owner and community wrangler)
Batman (Telegram group admin)
More Batman!

So what we do know is that there will be an IDO and it will be sometime this year. It will also be conducted on the launchpad platform they are developing in house. There have been some previews of parts of this in the last few weeks, primarily to get feedback about possible interface design.

The content from the tweet showing an early interface for token launchpad

The Official Website

It’s worth taking a look there to see a summary of the other things we know. However my advice would also be to join the social media channels that there are.

Social Media

🎙 TG Announcement Channel:

That’s the full list of social media, but at the very least join Telegram and follow on Twitter, those are the busiest right now. And Maybe that will help to get whitelisted in the forthcoming IDO?


Astarter is an EMURGO backed project Which aims to be a Launchpad, DEX AMM and Oracle service. The platform aims to be a launchpad for new projects which will also provide the technical support using their Ecosystem Accelerator. There will be an IDO towards the end of 2021(maybe early 2022?) but we are awaiting details of this.

Thankyou for reading this and I invite you to follow me on twitter and to stake your ADA with my stakepool OLEUM.




Stakepool Operator for Cardano. Retired Scientist/Teacher. You’ll usually find me in Telegram. @OlNick

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Nick Hiams

Nick Hiams

Stakepool Operator for Cardano. Retired Scientist/Teacher. You’ll usually find me in Telegram. @OlNick

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